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"breathe" at ImageNation, Paris

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I – apart 


a gulf

of space and time

of fear and



between us

when your skin

your touch

could hurt me

but it is

the only thing I want


II – closer 


I dream at night

of riding the bus

with you 

of sharing a bowl of soup

of holding your hand

in the dreams you say to me

you are still you

you are still alive

even if no one is there

to see it


III – together


I did not miss

The World

I missed

the way your arm

fits into mine

laughing at some little thing

in our own private language

I missed ­

falling asleep

knowing you were there

and smelling coffee

when I woke up

without you

my home is just a place

my time a thing that goes by



is to survive 

Photos Carol Julien

Text Déa Julien

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